Reza Hosseini,PhD
Reza Hosseini,PhD

RadonMarketAcademy – Radon Professional Training Center

  • Role: Developer & Director
  • Year: 2019 - Present
  • Categories: E-Learning
  • Website: /

Welcome to the RadonMarket Academy project!

RadonMarket Academy is a radon professional training center offering online courses and learning materials for professionals and homeowners.

After seeing how well RadonMarket did in its first year, I realized that our clients needed a way to learn more about radon gas, testing methods and instruments, and mitigation techniques. Most of the existing online training materials were limited to a specific topic or instrument, so I decided to create one that is comprehensive and covers all the relevant topics on radon.

In early 2020, I started building RadonMarket Academy in Italian. As the platform gained popularity, I also translated some of the content into English. Creating an e-learning platform was a new challenge for me because I had to learn how to create courses with grades and certifications. However, I persevered through trial and error and was able to create a platform that met my vision.

RadonMarket Academy provides a variety of courses on radon detection, measurement, and mitigation, as well as information on radon regulations and standards. In addition to our courses, I occasionally write articles on various radon-related topics to enhance our platform’s content. Furthermore, we send our subscribers a newsletter, RadonMarket Magazine, featuring a selection of articles and important news.

I welcome feedback and suggestions from radon professionals, and I encourage them to reach out if they have any questions or ideas for improving the platform or offering assistance. Thank you for your interest in RadonMarket Academy.


Updated on: 09.04.2023