Reza Hosseini,PhD
Reza Hosseini,PhD

AppoRad – App of Radiation

  • Role: Developer
  • Year: 2021 - Present
  • Category: Mobile/Web Application
  • Website: /
  • Language : Flutter
  • Platform: iOS - Android - Web
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Welcome to the AppoRad project!

I started developing AppoRad in 2021, using Flutter. The app is aimed at radon professionals and individuals interested in radon detection and safety. It is currently available in both English and Italian and provides various features and sections to help users with radon detection and mitigation.

One of the key features of AppoRad is the RadonMarket section, which is a tool designed to help users choose the right filter for their radon detector. This section displays all the services available on the RadonMarket platform.

Another valuable section is the RadonMarket Academy, where users can access online radon detection and mitigation courses and read the RadonMarket magazine.

Radon Tools is another important section of the app, and it is my favorite, which offers a range of functions for radon professionals. I constantly update this section with new tools to simplify the job for professionals. Currently, the Italian version of this section offers more tools which I plan to add to the English version too.

The RadonSTAR section is currently under development and will offer services from the RadonSTAR calibration laboratory to radon professionals.

For Italian-speaking users, the Dosimetria section showcases the personal dosimetry services offered by Qalib srl. The Dosimetria Radon section offers laboratory services related to radon alpha track detectors by Niton Srl, which is also available for Italian users now.

As a hobby project, I always look for ways to improve AppoRad and make it more useful for users. I welcome feedback and suggestions from the radon community to improve the app.

I have used various tools, codes, and software to develop AppoRad, including the Flutter framework, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Firebase. Additionally, I have researched radon detection and mitigation materials, including scientific papers, industry standards, and regulatory guidelines. If you are interested in learning more, I would be happy to share my findings with you. Please feel free to contact me.

I sincerely hope that AppoRad proves to be a valuable tool for your radon detection and mitigation efforts. Please use the links below to download and utilize AppoRad. Also, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback. I welcome any suggestions from the radon community and am committed to making AppoRad the go-to app for radon professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Updated on: 09.04.2023